More Than 30 Years Of Helping People
Make Better Business And Financial Decisions

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Traditional Accounting & Tax
Accounting and Non Assurance Financial Statements
Personal, Corporate and Trust Tax Planning and Compliance
Numbers For Compliance and Strategic KPIs

Strategic Decisions and Trusted Wisdom Questions
Business and Financial Strategies That Work
Professional Relationships With Quality People


Seminars For Business Owners, Their Spouses And Teams
Help With Open Source Software That Is Awesome And Free

Personal, Prompt, Professional Service
Strategic Corporate Memories

           Key Numbers & Strategic Memories
      Communities Of Practice. Purpose Driven Taxonomies. Simple Machines.

Private, Secure Collaboration Around Tailored Taxonomies

    The Right Choices Come From
      Asking The Right Questions

It All Adds Up To Your Success

             Chartered Professional Accountant                                Account Edge Certified                                         Chartered Memory Steward                                                                  Wave Enabled                             

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Accounting Services Are Billed By John B Voorpostel CPA, CA
Based On Time Spent, Complexity, And Outcome Achieved.

Accounting and Tax Services Are Regulated
By Professional Standards and Ontario Laws.

Community of Practice Engagements Are Billed
Via Quotes and Fixed Fee Contracts Through Info L inc

We Will Only Undertake a CoP Engagement
If We Can Agree To Our Mutual Satisfaction
That Its Value Is Greater Than The Price We Charge

  In Summary, You Want To Do Business With Me Because
  1) I Have Been Helping People Make Better Business and Financial Decisions For More Than 30 Years
  2) I Focus On Numbers For Compliance and Strategic KPIs
I ask Insightful, Trusted Wisdom Questions  
  4) I Have A Network Of Quality People I Trust Who Can Assist You With Other Matters
  5) I Provide Seminars To Business Owners, Their Spouses and Their Teams
  6) I Can Help You Adopt Open Source Software Solutions That Can Save You Lots Of Money

  7) I Can Help You Build A Better Business Using a Community Of Practice Approach
  8) I Provide Prompt, Personal and Professional Services and Make It Easy To Do Business With Me
  9) I Am a Respected Advisor To My Peers and Regularly Present Professional Development Seminars

I Add Value, Not Just Numbers!


  Past And Present Community Service          
  1) Director, Canadian Netherlands Business And Professional Association
   2) Director, Chair, Federal Business Development Bank Ethno-cultural Advisory Committee
   3) Baseball Coach, Kipling Grove Baseball Association
   4) Charter member, Director and President, Etobicoke Sunrise Rotary Club
   5) Co Founder, Youth Impact Awards
   6) Director, Etobicoke Chartered Accountants Association
   7) Founder, ECAA Professional Development Program
   8) Founder, Director, World Interfaith Harmony Week Toronto Steering Committee
   9) Co-Chair, Finance Committee, Parliament of World Religions, Toronto 2018


 iAccountant Is
  John B Voorpostel CPA, CA
Corporate Memory Builder
         He's Also Been Known To Write A Song Or Two

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